The Journey Beyond – Erik Stensland

The Journey Beyond is a very soft, soft book.

I’m not gonna lie, I asked for it because the Art & Photography category on Netgalley is my Happy Place™ and the cover looked amazing. The excerpt clarified it was an introspective, self-help kind of book, and that sealed the deal.

You see, these days I’m trying to read out of my comfort zone – new experiences, new stories, new abstract places to travel to with my mind – and I have to say that this experiment is sparking joy.

…Yes, I’m a walking meme. Move along. 

Cover: wow. I mean, look at it. What’s your first reaction? 

Yeah, same. 


  • Photos, photos everywhere (semicit.) and they are so crisp they feel alive on my Kindle. I’m waxing poetic here, but they are stunning, landscapes and details alike. Erik, I’m in awe of your skills.
  • The main theme is nature, the backdrop is (for the most part) the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, but there are various pictures taken elsewhere in the world. Iceland, Italian Dolomites, Scotland, Croatia – they all merge in a beautiful way. I checked the actual locations after I was done reading, that’s how I know; without it, I could have sworn they all came from the same park. The word ‘seamless’ was invented for TJB.
  • I’m not big on inspirational quotes or stories. Most of the time they leave me with an ‘…and?’ feeling, which is counterproductive and not what the author meant to inspire while writing them, I’m sure. The same thing happened with many TJB’s quotes (sorry!), but some of them did 1) give me pause and 2) stay with me.

Special mention (it’s description time, since the app doesn’t let me see the pages):

  • A montain/lake combo, paired with a stormy sky, snow of top ❤
  • Aspen trees. Such a graceful tree, the aspen, I love it.
  • The red and white lighthouse, all its windows open.
  • A ponderosa pine! 
  • A small church sitting on a green field, guarded by mountains (the Dolomites, if I’m not mistaken)
  • A blue bicycle chained next to a blue door.
  • Baby blue flowers growing on a rock.


  • One flaw – the only flaw I found, to be honest – is the fact that sometimes it feels too Americacentric to really be understood by people who aren’t up to date with American news. My mom loves photography, say, but if I were to gift her TJB, some of the written parts would be lost to her without someone giving her context. All in all though, it’s a minor thing.


5 stars on GR, 9,5 here. Great job, Erik!

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