#Book Review #ARC – Peach Blossom Spring; M. Fu

Let me be as clear as possible here: Fu’s stronger point is her style. It’s beautiful, with a unique pacing and a rhythm that amazed me from start to finish. It’s lyrical, almost poetic, and yet precise. I mean, I can’t believe Peach Blossom Spring is her first novel: Fu proves to be a top-notch wordsmith already, achieving quality levels other authors can only dream of—yeah, even the more experienced ones.

#Book Review – Resistance #2 – Equality; E. McGinness

The second installment in the Resistance series, Equality brings back our favorite French couple, Sabine and Hérisson. Still double POV, and once again both characters have powerful voices. This time I prefer Hérisson’s arc because his character growth is even more pronounced than it was in Liberty. Sabine, though! Sabine reads as the core of the story, and I love her ability to face every issue with bravery. Her spirit is the real backbone of this book.