Men Are Frogs – Saranna DeWylde

I believe in happy endings, I do. Even when things get dire, there’s the incurably optimistic part of me that trusts it’s all for the best. Call it wishful thinking, call it magical thinking, but I need to believe everything will be okay in the end. This might explain my love for romance novels: happy endings are almost always a guarantee, and what makes all the difference in the world is the journey to get there.

Since my mood did not really improve in the past week, I decided another romance novel was exactly what I needed to feel more hopeful. My choice was Men Are Frogs, by Saranna Dewyde, for which I got an ARC from NetGalley in exchange of my honest review.

Disgraced wedding planner Zuri Davis is so relieved to be offered a job with Fairy Godmothers, Inc., she’s willing to trade the high-rise excitement of Chicago for the small-town charm of Ever After. Falling for one of her grooms, even unintentionally, was enough destroy her career and also to prove that all men are indeed frogs. But when she meets gorgeous B&B owner Philip Charming, who definitely lives up to his name, even she is tempted to test that theory…

What attracted me about this novel? The title –I know, it’s so funny– and the cover. I mean, it is cute and girly! When I picked it up, I suspected I was going to have a nice time reading it. And I did. Ever After is a peculiar, magical place where a lot of characters from our most beloved fairytales live. It’s fun, pretty and so charming that I wish I could go there on vacation at least once in my life. Kudos to the author for creating such a beautiful setting.

The characters are adorable, as perfect and good as I’d expect them to be in a fairytale. The fairy godmothers and their obsession with sugar (hey, I can totally relate!) made me chuckle every time, and I love how misunderstood Ravenna is. The romance is also very cute. I could sense from the very beginning that Zuri and Philip Charming were meant to be. So much that I also knew they’d overcome whatever obstacle life would throw at them. This ruined my fun a bit, because I wasn’t able to immerse myself in the story despite the stakes being very high.

Why? I would have loved to believe Ravenna was a real threat. That Alec could make Zuri question everything at least for a little bit. That the curse could really ruin Philip forever. But Zury and Philip were just too perfect for each other, and everyone was so confident they would have their happy ending that I had to believe it too.

It is not a con per se. This book is a fun, sweet read and it works as it is and not everything needs to be packed with drama all the time, but I have to admit that I didn’t pine and root for the main characters as much as I would have liked. For this reason, my rating is 3.5/5 stars.

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