#Book Review #ARC #Mini Review – Here We Are… On Route 66; J. Hinckley

Travel books are comfort books. They’re there to take you on a journey–always appreciated–and show you new places. Or, old places you can’t get enough of. Here We Are… on Route 66 belongs to the latter category. I think I read a decent chunk of Route 66-related books, and I’m still coming back for more: there are so many attractions, so many cool places, and signs.

Outlandish: Walking Europe’s Unlikely Landscapes – Nick Hunt

This is a very peculiar book. One I savored for a long while, because it’s fascinating, both in concept and in storytelling. Did you know that there’s a glacier tucked away in Scotland? Or a desert in Spain? I was aware about the latter, and of course the existence of the Hungarian steppe is common knowledge, but the glacier stumped me. Same with the Białowieża, a primeval Polish forest.