What will we be up to in 2021?

That’s what!

Hello everyone, I am Val and I’ve pledged to write 150000 words in 2021, be it through my long-ass reviews or –surprise, surprise– short stories. After quitting writing for the longest time in my life I’m back at it with a verse that’s both gruesome and cute. My first short story will be up for February 14th.

What’s next? Goodread’s 2021 Reading Challenge, of course.

My goal for this year will be to read 70 books. What about you, Tissie?

*taps mic*

I’m a glutton for punishment, looks like, because I grabbed one more than you aaaaand I’m looking for– even more?


So, my pledge for GYWO tallies at 75k/year; I already have two stories lined up for a couple fests that popped up in my neck of the woods, and a Valentine one . I’m not the fastest writer on Earth and I have no idea how the hell I am supposed to pull all that off but I’m 100% confident I’ll meet e v e r y deadline. Yes. *finger guns*

Goodreads wants me to read 40 books instead. Do you remember those peaceful, mystical times when you were young and carefree and had an IT-sized novel read&shelved in less than two days?

Me too.

Good times.

As I already mentioned in a different post, I’m also doing the When are you reading? Challenge. History lovers, give it a look!

(sorry for butchering your song, Dan. ILY)

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