#Book Tour – The Sister Pact; L. Swift

Book tour stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for The Sister Pact, a romcom written by Lisa Swift.

First thing first, let me thank Rachel and the publisher, Hera Books, for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


Can two very different sisters band together when their family needs them most?

Thirty-year-old Brooke Padgett is the landlady of The Highwayman’s Drop in the beautiful Yorkshire village of Leyholme. Commitment-averse and obsessed with work, she isn’t looking for anything serious – and she certainly isn’t interested in the pub’s new barman, gorgeous single dad Hayden. Or is she?

Older sister Rhianna Garrett has fled wealthy husband James after discovering his infidelity. As she moves back to the pub with her children in tow, it’s clear that living together will be tricky for these two very different sisters…

Meanwhile, their widowed mum Janey is keen to rejoin the dating scene. But a lot has changed since her youth in the seventies – and she’ll need the help of her girls.

As the sisters join forces to help Janey, as well as fight off the chain circling the pub, their relationship becomes close once again. Until Brooke discovers Rhianna is hiding a secret that could drive a wedge between them all…

Can the two sisters come together to save The Highwayman’s Drop, their mum’s love life – and their relationship?

300 pages
Romcom/women’s fiction
Hera Books
Publication date: 07/10/21
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Cover: Cute!

The Highwayman’s Drop is the pub Dad Padgett left to his wife and daughters after his passing. The three of them—Janey, Brooke, and Rhianna—own one third of the shares each, and they don’t agree on what to do with it. Keep it? Sell it? Both options have their merits; it’s just a matter of… heart? Heart and feelings. 

The plot of The Sister Pact is enjoyable, the characters interesting and well-written. I know Brooke is the protagonist and I should identify with her, but I have to say I sympathize with Rhianna a lot more, for many reasons. There’s a line in the book, you see; it’s about self-respect and how it takes a backseat when the well-being of your kids is involved, and it just resonates with me. Different circumstances, different everything, but I had to choose between my own comfort and my kid’s more than once, and mine always, always took the backseat. Sometimes it’s good to get emotional representation.

The trope-reversal narrative works great (Hayden!) and Brooke’s character growth is a thing of beauty. She goes from point A to point B in a turbulent but satisfying way, and while the same can be said for Rhianna, Janey, and Hayden, Brooke’s is the one that shines the most.

Another mention goes to Janey and her love life. It’s refreshing to read about old ladies who don’t just sit there and crochet their years away 😀

Style-wise, Swift writes with a clear voice, and the touch of humor present in The Sister Pact blends in well. One suggestion I’d make has to do with the actual length of the book. There are some parts that could be tightened up without hindering the story. 


Lisa Swift is a romance author from West Yorkshire in the UK. She is represented by Laura Longrigg at MBA Literary Agents. Her first book is due to be published by Hera Books in August 2019.

As Mary Jayne Baker, Lisa also writes romantic comedies for Aria Fiction.

Lisa is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

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