Private Gardens of the Pacific Northwest – B. Coleman, W. Wright

Private Gardens of the Pacific Northwest is my second July read showcasing gardens, and I’ve got to say that once again, I’m pleased with the outcome. 

Gardening is an abstract concept to me, as my potted plants can testify, but I like to see what people can do when they have 1. the skills and 2. enough space to work with. This book focuses on the northwest (I do love self-explaining titles) and what those gardens have to offer to the curious eye.


An exclusive retreat into the verdant, lush residential gardens of the Pacific Northwest.

Private Gardens of the Pacific Northwest is a stunning exploration of 20 lush private gardens. These sprawling estates, small sanctuaries, and artful retreats capture the natural beauty of the verdant Pacific Northwest, each one splashed with hints of boldness, modernity, artistry, and exquisiteness. Capturing the personality of those who cultivate them, these gardens have their stories told through the words of renowned author Brian Coleman, who takes readers through the flourishing natural beauty that the northwestern coast has to offer.

256 pages
Garden, photography
Gibbs Smith


Cover: I love it. The combination plants- ceramic mosaic is an eyecatcher, and I’m happy to say it’s a feat of one of my favorite gardens. 😀


  • Private Gardens of the Pacific Northwest is a joint effort. Coleman and Wright–writer and photographer–teamed up and brought a little gem on our bookshelves. In Private Gardens of the Pacific Northwest, gardners open up their places, talk a bit about themselves, and show us all their masterpieces. This is a genre I can get behind.
  • I like each and every picture featured in this book. Plants are in the spotlight, of course, but there are also decorative pieces added to the mix, and that makes them outstanding. Speaking of which,
  • All these gardens are unique. In a way, every garden is, per se, but at the end of the day the vegetation is the common denominator. Private Gardens of the Pacific Northwest gives us something more. A spark of creativity, of cleverness; it might be hidden in the shadow of a bird feeder or thrust into the spotlight with the placement of a metal arc. The same concept that’s featured on the cover is present throughout the whole book, a detail I appreciated.  

Special mention:

  • Japanese Garden in West Seattle.
  • Garden of Ponds in Redmond.
  • Bonsai Sanctuary in Maple Valley.
  • Whimsical Garden on Lake Washington.
  • Eastside Eden in Medina.

I had a hard time picking these! They’re all spectacular.


  • Nothing, really. I’m pretty much satisfied with everything 😀

4.5 stars on GR, rounded up to 5.

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