#Book Review #ARC – Savage Indulgence – S. Raquel

Oh my. This is a peculiar story, one I decided to read on a whim and that left me with a satisfied feeling. As I already said once or twice in previous reviews, sometimes a good horror is just what the doctor ordered. First of all, I’m so pleased to see an elderly woman as 1. the MC 2. the villain and 3. the narrating voice. I know I’m not wild about first POVs; I’m also able to praise them when they’re done well. Plus, Raquel gives Joyce a powerful voice and an impressive personality.

The Neighborhood Division: Stories – Jeff Vande Zande

Isn't it ironic how I keep telling you guys that I'm a quick reader when it took me a while to read a good portion of the books I've reviewed so far? Truth be told, I am a quick reader, at least when I'm inside the bubble of my comfort zone: give me some supernatural baddie, violence, gore and sex --Urban Fantasy has been my jam for the past 20 years-- and I'll read your book in a heartbeat. The rest? I need time to adjust.