#Book Review – Jam Run; R. Brooks

I always try to leave expectations at the door whenever I start a new book. It’s because a) I don’t want to be disappointed if it turns out to be below my standards, and b) I don’t want the hype to lead me astray and make it better than it actually is. Neutrality is what I strive for. With Jam Run, I found it quite hard to stick to my self-imposed rule while reading, because damn, it’s good.

#Book Review – Nanny Needed; G. Cross

Interesting premise. If you’re strapped for cash and get the chance to land a well-paid job, wouldn’t you snatch it up right away? Even if some aspects might sound a little, ah, shady? Sarah Larsen does just that: she signs up a contract with the Bird and agrees to be a nanny. Given the salary, I wouldn’t have any second thoughts either.