#Book Review – Ask Not; M.M. Schmidt

Book review stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for Ask Not, a novel written by M. Schmidt.

First thing first, let me thank the author for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


To Katie, her love for John F. Kennedy was her whole world, even though he never heard of her. Anyone who harmed him would have to answer to Katie. It would not be pleasant. And when someone does, her revenge would consume her spirit and drive her in madness to Dallas. Will she succeed in destroying Oswald?

Ask Not.

143 pages
Publication date: 05/11/21
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Cover: I like it!

So, Katie is your average lady: a husband, kids, a mediocre life, and an obsession with the Kennedys. 

Not so average, then. Katie’s life, her slow descent into madness, is Ask Not’s key feature, and also the most poignant. Her voice is clear, as crisp as her characterization—she reminds me of a beacon, while the other characters revolve around her, moths-to-flame like. 

Other than Katie, I’m impressed by Ralph. He’s despicable and unsympathetic, one of those husbands that might read unidimensional if handled in the wrong way. Schmidt renders him well instead, not pulling any punches but making him interesting all the same.

Ask Not features an omniscient POV. At first, I mistook it for multiple, but as I kept reading, the omniscient trait became plain. It’s a good omniscient though, one done well. As you all know, I’m very partial to third limited; still, I have to say that the stylistic choice Schmidt made in her novel pays off.

The issue I have with Ask Not has to do with the execution. I’m aware it’s being a constant complaint later—which is a puzzling thing, I mean, uh?—but the structure is rather repetitive, the paragraphs too short and of about the same length almost through the entire novel. A better editing job would have helped with the rhythm and the flow.

3.5 stars on GR.


Mary M. Schmidt, also known as Lynx, is the author of Gemini Lynx, Persephone’s Song, Cat Lady, and Our Frail Disordered Lives. She is a hospice volunteer, which during the pandemic, means going to a lot of zoom meetings. (Every time I turn around, more zoom!) A lover of animals, Mary lives near Annapolis with her rescue cat, Gemma.
The Lynx stands with Ukraine.

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