#Book Mini Review #ARC – Inside Your Japanese Garden; J. Cali and S. Yasumoro

Book review stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for Inside Your Japanese Garden, a gardening book written by J. Cali and S. Yasumoro.

First thing first, let me thank the publisher, Tuttle Publishing, for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


Learn how to create a tranquil outdoor space at home with this practical and inspiring guide!

With instructive drawings and step-by-step techniques, Inside Your Japanese Garden walks you through designing and creating your very own Japanese garden. From small projects like benches and gates, to larger undertakings like bridges and mud walls, this book provides a wide variety of ways to enhance the space around your home, no matter the size. Instructions on how to work with stone, mud and bamboo—as well as a catalogue of the 94 plant varieties used in the gardens shown in the book—round out this complete guide.

This book also features 20 gardens that author Sadao Yasumoro has designed and built in Japan, and some—like those at Visvim shop in Tokyo and at Yushima Tenjin in Tokyo—are open to the public. From small tsuboniwa courtyard gardens to a large backyard stroll garden with water features, stairs and walls, these real-life inspirations will help spark your own garden plan.

These inspirational garden projects include:

Tea Garden for an Urban Farmhouse featuring a clay wall with a split-bamboo frame and a stone base

The Landslide That Became a Garden with a terraced slope, trees, bushes, long grasses and moss

A Buddha’s Mountain Retreat of Moss and Stone with vertical-split bamboo and brushwood fencing

Paradise in an Urban Jungle with a pond, Japanese-style bridge, and stone lanterns

Each garden is beautifully photographed by Hironori Tomino and many have diagrams and drawings to show the essential elements used in the planning and construction.

160 pages
Gardening, photography
Tuttle Publishing
Publication date: 01/02/22
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Cover: So peaceful! What a great photo.

Another book caught in the bottleneck—there are 5-6 of them, I think—and I’m sorry because Inside Your Japanese Garden deserves the highest praises. No one rated it on GoodReads yet, I mean, which. A crime, let me tell you.

Inside Your Japanese Garden is a gardening book through and through. Cali and Yasumoro go out of their way to show the reader how to recreate a certain style, a particular look. I’m saying that’s the book’s strongest trait. Be careful though, because the how-to parts require skills: beginners or mere garden-enthusiasts like me might have troubles in figuring out what to do.  

Special care has been taken with the photography section, too. I spent a lot of time perusing each picture, as I wanted to absorb every element. Technically speaking, they’re crisp and taken with great attention to detail.

I’m impressed! 

5 stars on GR.

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