#Book Review – Resistance #1 – Liberty; E. McGinness

Book review stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for Resistance #1 – Liberty, a historical novel written by E. McGinness.

First thing first, let me thank the author for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


Bravery, courage, fear, treachery and love in a time of war.A chance meeting draws Sabine Faure into the shadowy world of the French Resistance where she meets the charismatic Hérisson and his intriguing comrade Loup.

Set in Dordogne in South-west France during World War II, the friends’ relationships and strengths are tested to the very limits as life changes in unbelievably horrific ways, The friends find themselves facing frightening situations and responding in ways they never thought possible as bravery and resistance take different forms in each of their actions.

Vivid and exquisite in its illumination of a time and place that was filled with atrocities but also humanity and extraordinary bravery, Eilidh McGinness’s novel will evoke reader’s to ask -What would I have done? 

254 pages
Historical, WWII
Publication date: 07/06/21
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Cover: I adore the vintage feeling it gives out!

Resistance #1 – Liberty features a deep dive into WWII and the French resistance. Sabine and Hérisson have to navigate through a dangerous historical moment, balancing their private lives and the ongoing war. 

Double POV but done well. Sabine and Hérisson have powerful voices and a good character arc; the one I prefer is Sabine’s, but it’s just a matter of personal taste, as they’re both well-balanced. It’s hard to achieve that in such a setting, so kudos to McGinness and her writing skills 😀

The plot itself relies on tropes. While I’m not a trope fan per se, they’re useful to establish a solid foundation for any novel; the trick is to let them act as a springboard, weaving in subplots and fresh takes in order to make a story stand out. In Resistance, there are subtle cues pointing that way—good!—so I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ll develop in the second installment.

The cast of characters is on the biggish side, something that goes with the double POVs choice. Still, they’re an interesting bunch, with unique voices and traits.

Flaws? Resistance suffers from mediocre editing, and that’s a real shame. I spotted several grammar mistakes here and there (the file format didn’t allow me to highlight them), and the overuse of ‘say’ synonyms. As I already mentioned in other reviews, ‘say’ tends to go unnoticed for the most part, while synonyms may mess up the flow after a while. Last but not least, I’d put a translation of French words as a footnote. It would help those readers who don’t speak the language.

Given that Liberty is the first book of a series, I’m putting the aforementioned flaws down as growing pains.

3.5 stars on GR, rounded up to 4 as encouragement.

The second book, Resistance #2 – Equality, will be reviewed next month. Stay tuned!


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