#Book Review #ARC – How to Live Icelandic; N. B. Jónsdóttir, E. Magnus

Did you know Iceland is in my top Countries I’d Like To Move To As Soon As I Get The Chance list? Thing is, I’ve been dreaming of leaving my homeland since I was a little girl, and maybe, just maybe, the time has come now. 

(Cross your fingers for me, please)

So, while I keep working toward that goal, deep-diving into Icelandic culture seems like an excellent idea.


This ultimate guide to one of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating island nations is packed with travel tips, cultural and historical facts, and insights from Icelanders into how we can all make our lives a little more Icelandic.

Known as ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’, Iceland is a country of contrasts, from the enormous glaciers to the active volcanoes, the summer midnight sun to the briefest of winter days, the ancient language to the modern technological innovations. This is a nation with a rich and diverse culture as unique as its stunning landscapes.

How to Live Icelandic is the ultimate insider’s guide to this northerly nation. You may have already tried skyr for breakfast and listened to Sigur Rós on your daily commute, but how much do you know about the real Iceland; the locals’ take on this one-of-a-kind island?

Icelanders Nína Björk Jónsdóttir and Edda Magnus have put together the highlights of Icelandic music, literature, cultural attitudes, food traditions and celebrations so the rest of the world can benefit from the special blend of old Norse wisdom with liberal modern attitudes.

This beautiful book is full of inspiration and insight into this progressive and peaceful nation that has freedom, community and equality at its core, revealing why Iceland remains one of the happiest countries in the world.

From the How To Live… series of insightful guides to some of the most intriguing cultures and locations on the planet, other books available include How To Live Japanese, How To Live Korean and How to Live North.

224 pages
Nonfiction, photography
Quarto White Lion Publishing


Cover: Meh. The white ruins it. 


  • How to Live Icelandic is an educational book with an eye to the aesthetic of the country. From language to sport to local food, every topic is explored to the fullest, giving the reader a clear idea of what life in Iceland is like. Some aspects of the local culture compel me to look at flight tickets already. 
  • Marvelous, marvelous pictures. The ones I like best are about the great outdoors, but I also appreciate the candid snapshots. 
  • The written parts are quite long, but they’re informative and delivered with grace. The authors don’t fall for the infodumping trap, a detail I’m grateful for.


  • Nothing. I’m in love, don’t talk to me.


5 stars on GR

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