#Book Review – The Witch of Rosemary Lane; E. Nix

Book review stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for The Witch of Rosemary Lane, an erotica novel written by Elena Nix.

First thing first, let me thank the author for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


Connor Dawson has fallen for a smoking-hot crazy cat lady who just might be a witch. Felina Desilva is everything Connor ever wanted in a woman, but she may be too good to be true.

After she entices him to dinner, his dreams are filled with dark fantasies, and she’s willing to fulfill them all. Despite being warned that Felina is dangerous and discovering that she’s been connected with one man’s mysterious disappearance, Connor finds it all too easy to spend more and more time with Felina and her strangely intelligent black cat.

When one of Felina’s neighbors tries to poison the cats that roam her property, Connor investigates, only to discover that the neighbor has been murdered with the same poison.

When he’s questioned by police, he has to decide how much to tell them about Felina. Does he have a future with her, or has lust been blinding him to her true nature? 

Boruma Publishing
Publication date: 25/10/21
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Cover: Interesting. It has a seductive layer, but it’s subtle, not as in-your-face as other erotica books. 

The Witch of Rosemary Lane is the second book Nix sent me. Once again it’s erotica with a plot, and therefore it’s very much welcome! 😀 I don’t mind below-the-waist action if it’s integrated into a believable context, I mean.

The context here is well-crafted, with a nod to both urban fantasy and romance. Felina Desilva is rumored to be a witch, what with the cats and her alluring personality. Whether or not she is, whether Connor is taken by her or he’s just another victim of a spell, it’s inconsequential. The journey to get there is what I liked the most.

Both Connor and Felina are solid MCs. The cast of supporting characters is solid too–well done on Mr. Daniel’s, especially on his use of dialect. That makes him stand out because he’s the only one who speaks that way. One point for distinctive traits! Mrs. Pettigrast acts as a decent villain. In a longer story, I would have been curious to read more about her. There’s potential behind her callous behavior–she’s portrayed as a black/white antagonist, which works here because the book is rather short, but I’m spotting layers between the lines. 

From a technical standpoint, The Witch of Rosemary Lane follows the dramatic structure to a T. Nix’s writing skills shine the most on Out in the Night, but this book still comes at a close second. Personal preferences, which I tend to ignore whenever I have to review something, blame it on the sex scenes vs. plot ratio. If I have to be 100% impartial though, I have to say that The Witch of Rosemary Lane reads a bit weaker because of the POV switching and a couple of logic missteps.

I also spotted a few grammar mistakes (Garibaldi or Garabaldi?), and they affect the general score.

4 stars on GR.


Elena Nix is an author of erotic fiction. A lifetime love of literature and a very naughty mind proved to be the perfect combination for elevated erotica. Her imagination has some dark twists and frequently, her books do, too.

When she’s not wrangling wayward characters or taming twisted plots, her favorite place to be is curled up on the couch with her assortment of dogs, cats, and one husband, writing stories on her laptop that would make a succubus blush.

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