#Book Review – Peniology: The Scandalous Science of Penis Reading; K. Moore, A. Aste

Book review stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for Peniology: The Scandalous Science of Penis Reading, a non-fiction book written by Kevin Moore and Andrea Aste.

First thing first, let me thank the authors and the publisher, Fascinus Publishing, for booking a review and providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 

This book is meant for a mature audience only.


Peniology: The Scandalous Science of Penis Reading (An Occasionally True Story) is a tongue-in-cheek historical take on phrenology, a pseudoscience used to ascertain one’s mental capacity, character, and personality just by measuring the lumps and bumps on the head. The science of peniology uses the same principle but applies it to the penis instead. Available on Shopify US

Men and women have always had a fascination with the penis. In our search for answers as to why, we stumbled upon a shocking discovery: peniology, a long forgotten science of such groundbreaking historical importance quietly tucked away and buried in the annals of time. A well documented scientific practice based on a comprehensive grasp of the penis.

The book is beautifully illustrated by authors Kevin Moore and Andrea Aste with original art work, photographs and documentation used to fictionalize fact and ‘factualize’ fiction. The book is also filled with titillating wordplay and storytelling to keep you entertained.

Peniology: The Scandalous Science of Penis Reading makes use of parody and satire as social commentary in a humorous, yet, thought provoking manner as it touches on subjects such as sexism, misogyny, racism, art, history, homosexuality and gender identity. As an added bonus, the book also contains a glossary for fact checkers to sort out fact from fiction. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES

200 pages
Publication date: 24/09/21
About the authors
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Cover: It leaves nothing to the imagination.

So, this is a first for me. Or not really. Have I already read books centered on sex? You bet. Have I already read books centered on dicks? Well, nope. I wasn’t even aware there was one out until Kevin and Andrea contacted me a couple of weeks ago. 

It kinda went like this:

“Would you be interested in reading and reviewing a book that talks about penises?”

“Uh. *blinks* Yes?”

Which is fine and dandy, and I can hear you wondering why I’m making such an introduction. 

Thing is, I’m aro and ace. I have a neutral view on sex and everything related to it, so I was curious to see how Peniology would affect me. What it had to say to me.

First thing first, after closing it down I can say it’s a fun read. Historical facts are mixed up with made-up ones, and the results are often hilarious. Once or twice Moore and Aste even managed to fool me, as I had to double-check a name here, a statement there. The final chapter clarifies what’s true though, so you can try guessing as you read along.

Peniology, split into penile type-chapters, is full of pictures and drawings, which accompany and enrich the written parts. While I have no personal preference about the models—they’re all stunning, but I tend to focus on faces—I quite liked the posters. It’s a potential fodder for memes, thumbs up.

The writing itself is well-paced and easy to follow. Peniology is a self-published book, but Moore and Aste seem to know what’s what because I couldn’t spot any particular typo or grammar mistake. Good job on the editing part, which is worth a full star in itself. As I already said, the tongue-in-cheekness is the major feat of this book and the main reason why I was happy to read it. If you’re not like me and are interested in sex&dicks, too, there’s plenty to ogle at.

All in all, it’s a peculiar but interesting book, able to catch a reader’s attention. Just keep it away from curious kids’ eyes.

4 stars on GR.


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