#Book Tour #Book Review – Nerds Gone Wild; M. Victor

Book tour stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for Nerds Gone Wild, a non-fiction book written by Mister Victor.

First thing first, let me thank Jenn and the author for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


Dive, wade or simply belly flop your way through our world’s unplanned journey in which nerds have been busily (though mostly inadvertently) inheriting the earth, while the rest of us have been lost in our smartphones, glued to our computer/TV screens, or were ordering a pizza and binging on Netflix.

In this terribly humorous account, we discover how the wild rise of nerds, and their mesmerizing technology, have completely redefined society, thereby affecting every facet of our lives including:

• How we interact – OMG, do not call me or stop by, I’ll text you

• How we work – Virtually all the time

• What we eat – Why the snack aisle in the grocery store is the world’s most popular travel destination

• How we dress – Why our sense of fashion has been sadly diagnosed to be in Stage IV

• What news we consume – Look here, I told you I was right

• And speaking of sports – Why national team sports are headed to the penalty box, forever

Explore how our highly stressed lives and natural world are perilously close to a collapse not seen since the Trojans remodeled their public square with a fetching horse. and then discover who may, indeed, be our unexpected saving grace.

225 pages
Non-fiction, contemporary 
Publication date: 11/10/21
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Cover: Self-explaining. The beauty of nerdism is wrapped up in a single picture.

Who—or what—is a nerd? Distinguishing traits? How could you spot one in the wild? With Nerds Gone Wild, Mister Victor tries to answer all these questions.

As a nerd myself, I was full of expectations, anticipating some topics with the glee of a kid the night before Christmas. Fashion and Communication, for example, rose to the challenge and delivered; Safetysm too, in a very ‘oh my God, here we go’ way. Other subjects didn’t really make an appearance in the book though, and that’s a shame—say, where is fandom? Are we ignoring the subculture spanned from Harry Potter or Star Trek? 

(Hello, my name is Tissie and I’m a Trekker. You’ll pry fandom from my cold, dead hands)
(Annnd I never understood the HP hype, sue me)


The first section of Nerds Gone Wild is pure poetry, and it deserves a special mention, even more so because I experienced the horror of an open space office myself. That bit of history, gone from my life but branded into my brain, is the starting point of nerdism, the first seed that spawned terrible and hilarious fruits. 

Hilarity is the major theme of Nerds Gone Wild, thanks to Mr. Victor’s writing style, and also the main propeller: snarkiness and cleverness pepper the pages, eliciting a chuckle and keeping the reader hooked. Plus, the mix of poetry, interviews, and regular writing adds flavor to it all. Well done!

The only issue I’d like to address has to do with a couple of chapters, namely Environment and News. They read a bit dispersive in places, less… bite-y? 

Still, Nerds Gone Wild is a captivating tale, deserving 4 stars to the fullest.


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