#Book Tour #ARC – Here We Go Loop De Loop; W.J. Sibley

Book tour stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for Here We Go Loop de Loop, a comedy novel written by W.J. Sibley.

First thing first, let me thank Leslie (PR By The Books) and the publisher, Atmosphere Press, for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


A cowboy, an heiress, her brother’s husband…and a badass ‘72 Mercury Montego.

This is the story of a her loving a him – who’s in love with another him – and that other him enduring an unrequited love for the original her. With a small-town Texas appreciation, this book is replete with humor, adversity, and the tenacity of survivors unwilling and unable to acknowledge defeat.

Here We Go Loop De Loop by William Jack Sibley has greed, lust, sexuality, spiritual enlightenment, more lust, xenophobia, and the meaning of a life worth living, all woven into a single, outrageous knot in the insulated town of Rita Blanca, Texas. The author, an unlikely Texas rancher, and a resolute seeker of wisdom, truth, and the occasional virtuosic lie, with humor and reflection, has wrought a story of humanity through characters doing the best they can – just not terribly well.

340 pages
Contemporary comedy, LGBTQ+, romance 
Publication date: 25/08/21
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Cover: Hm. I’m not wild about split covers; besides, that car deserves the spotlight all for herself. 

So, if I ever manage to move across the pond, Texas’ll be my first (and only) choice, no question asked. There’s just something about the Lone Star State, you know? It’s been speaking to me since I was a kid and – well. I blame my dad’s Tex Willer collection and the amazing landscape Texans are blessed with.

Does your introduction even have a point? I can hear you asking. Yes. Here We Go Loop de Loop, a novel written by W.J. Sibley, is an ode to Texas, and a hilarious one at that. The Lyndeckers and, to a lesser extent, the Pennebakers are two parts insane and one part funny, a combo able to pull in anyone gravitating too close to them – starting with the reader.

The characterization is what really stands out here, Here We Go Loop de Loop’s strong point. Sibley does a marvelous job with it, creating characters who are vibrant and unique, albeit a little extravagant. Pair it up with their individual arc—character growth? Sibley turns that concept into a mission—and voila, you’ll get the recipe for a brilliant book.

The story, told via multiple POVs, is captivating and entertaining. While I do prefer a single POV, Sibley possesses the skills to spin a pleasant tale, not falling for the infodump trap that’s so common with multiple POVs.

There are some things I’m not fond of, however. One is the big suspension of disbelief required to follow some plot points—investing a big chunk of money on a person with no proof of their skills? Marrying someone just like that? Entering a poly relationship kinda out of the blue?—and the other is Sibley’s writing style itself. Talent, he’s got it, that’s out of question. It’s unpolished though; a stronger editing would have helped it shine. 

3,5 stars, rounded up to 4.


Award-winning William Jack Sibley is a fifth generation Texas rancher and a versatile writer whose work has spanned from the likes of writing dialogue for television’s Guiding Light to serving as a contributing editor at Andy Warhol’sInterview Magazine, to seeing his plays produced off-Broadway and regionally.Sibley is the author of a dozen screenplays, nine stage plays, and three novels (Any Kind of Luck,SighsToo Deep For Words, andHere We Go Loop De Loop). Sibley’s previous works have won the National Indie Excellence Book Award and USA Best Book Award While succeeding as a finalist in the Lambda Literary Award, Foreword Reviews Book of the Year, and more. Sibley currently is the Secretary of the Texas Institute of Letters, as well as a member of TheDramatist Guild and the Writers Guild of America. He lives in San Antonio. For more, visit http://www.williamjacksibley.com.

FB: @williamsibley 
IG: @wsibleybook

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