#Book Tour – Secrets in the Dark; C. Campbell

Book tour stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for Secrets in the Dark, a women’s fiction written by Ceril Campbell.

First thing first, let me thank Anne and the publisher, Headline Accent, for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


Glamour. Deceit. Sex. Deadly ambition.

They have the world at their feet.

And they want it all.

Innocent Phoebe has only known a life of privilege.

Street-smart Paula has had to make her own way in the world.

When the two girls meet as teenagers, they form a deep sisterly bond, recognising in one other a yearning for love and for lives that are different from the ones into which they were born. But when they each suffer a personal trauma, they are torn apart and set out on very different paths.  

So begins a rollercoaster journey throughout the 1970s of extreme highs and lows for Phoebe and Paula, as they travel from the epicentre of cool on the Kings Road, Chelsea, to the glamour of Paris, LA and the South of France. 

It’s a scandalous world of sex, drugs, celebrity and wealth – alluring, addictive…and deceptive.

400 pages
Women’s fiction 
Publication date: 04/21
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Cover: Unusual. Yellow is not really my thing, but here it works like a charm.  

Wow. Secrets in the Dark is the kind of addictive book every reader wishes to find. It’s the Seventies, we’re in London, and Phoebe and Paula have struck up a friendship. Their upbringings couldn’t have been any more different, and yet they’re drawn to each other until the day Paula disappears from Phoebe’s life.

What happens next is told by the two main characters, and we’re able to follow them during their darkest—and brightest—moments. Later on, they find each other again, while their circle of friends expands to Simon, Jake, and Caroline.

The idea behind Secrets in the Dark is captivating, and from a technical standpoint, I like the way Campbell structured it. It gives me the feeling of an experimental novel without really being experimental, you know? A fresh take on the life of celebrities, full of glamor, despair, and sex.

Despite the many cameos and minor characters, the actual supporting cast is small, a detail I always appreciate. The characterization itself is spot-on too, as everyone has a clear, distinctive voice. What I like best about Secrets in the Dark, however, is how realistic it reads. Paula’s decisions, Simon’s, Phoebe’s – it’s easy to slip in their figurative shoes and walk a mile in them.

Campbell’s writing style is fast-paced, and it makes it easy to dive deep into the pages. She goes for an omniscient POV too, which is my nemesis 99,9% of the time: still, Secrets in the Dark belongs to that 0.01%, because this is how you handle omniscient. The switching is there, but it’s—for lack of a better word—quick, even unobtrusive, not as ponderous as it often happens with this POV. I guess this is the only omniscient book I ever enjoyed to the fullest – well done!

There are a couple of details I’m not fond of, namely some loose ties that should have been tied up and the editing – a stronger editing would have raised Secrets in the Dark to perfection.

As it is, it’s 4,5 stars on GR, rounded up to 5.


Ceril Campbell has always been passionate about fashion. For over thirty years she has worked as a celebrity stylist, fashion commentator and expert on TV and radio with her own magazine columns and features. Her debut novel, Secrets in the Dark, is not autobiographical in any way, but is inspired by her insider knowledge of the glamorous world of celebrity.

Ceril is now a broadcaster and motivational speaker, helping clients with lifestyle, image, life change, self-esteem, positive body confidence and mental wellness.Ceril has also written self-help books, including Discover the New You: Celebrity Stylist Secrets to Transform Your Life and Style. She lives in London and has two adult children.

To find out more about Ceril, visit her website http://www.cerilcampbell.com, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @cerilcampbell.

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