#Book Tour – A Winter’s Wish For The Cornish Midwife; Jo Bartlett

Book tour stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for A Winter’s Wish for the Cornish Midwife, a romance novel written by Jo Bartlett.

First thing first, let me thank Rachel and the publisher, Boldwood Books, for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


A secret love…

As winter descends on the coastal town of Port Agnes, midwife Toni Samuels’ mood is as dark as the winter clouds that roll in. Toni loves her job as a midwife, but her private life is falling apart. Because Toni is keeping a secret– a relationship with fellow male midwife Bobby that no one can ever know about.

A damaged hope…

Kind and gorgeous, Bobby is a huge hit at the midwifery centre, but he’s tired of keeping his feelings for Toni a secret – of always coming second best. He knows that Toni’s past is painful, but unless she can be open with her feelings for him, he’s prepared to walk away from their love.

Can love find a way?

Toni loves Bobby and wishes things could be different between them. But torn between her past and a future with him, everything seems hopeless. Until fate hands Toni one last chance…

Now Toni’s secret wish is in her hands…if only she can be brave enough to take a chance and make her dreams come true.

Boldwood Books
Publication date: 07/10/21
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Cover: A bit too cartoonish, maybe.

Toni’s life isn’t easy. Tragedy struck years ago, leaving her trapped in a web made of grief and survivor guilt. Those who should support her don’t acknowledge her struggles, and the risk of Toni having to sacrifice her whole life is real.

While I’m unable to grasp the reasons why she’s willing to put the well-being of others above her own to such extreme extents—I figure it has to do with PTSD and survivor guilt, as I mentioned—her journey is a touching one. You end up rooting for her, wishing she could achieve her happy, peaceful ending.

A Winter s Wish for the Cornish Midwife, while uplifting, deals with sensitive topics. They’re all handled with care and grace, showing how much time (and research!) Bartlett put into it. I have to say that a few things hit close to home, and reading about something I went through myself in RL made me emotional; at the same time, I’m grateful to see I’m not—wasn’t, it’s over now and my bundle of joy is a big kid—the only one battling with such issues. Bartlett, thank you for the representation.

The supporting cast of characters is strong, each of them with a defined voice. I appreciate a lot the Jess/Toni dichotomy, how their stories develop in tandem, and even more so Toni’s character growth. She’s able to mature throughout the story, recognizing she has emotional needs too and they have to be addressed. 

Style-wise, Bartlett’s voice is clear, even if her prose might read a little too rich in places. It’s a detail that doesn’t hinder the final rating, though.


Jo Bartlett is the bestselling author of nineteen women’s fiction titles. She fits her writing in between her two day jobs as an educational consultant and university lecturer and lives with her family and three dogs on the Kent coast. Boldwood is publishing the first title in The Cornish Midwife Series – part of a twelve-book deal – in April 2021.

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