#Book Tour – The Juggle; E. Barker

Book tour stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for The Juggle, a women’s fiction written by Ellie Barker.

First thing first, let me thank Rachel and Ellie Barker, for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


Married couple Molly and Dan are forced to swap lives. But will it bring them closer together or drive them even further apart?

It was only a blip. Just a little mistake. But in the world of television, Dan Whitehead’s little slip could cost him his career.

His only chance is to swap roles with his wife, Molly, who also works part-time, behind the scenes at the show. It’s just for a couple of months. Easy. What’s so hard about looking after their twins and taking a step away from the limelight for a bit? Only, it’s not quite as simple as Dan may think.  With more time, his past begins to haunt him. Then, when a friendly school-mum offers him the comfort he needs, is she everything she seems?

Meanwhile, Molly is more than happy in her sweatshirt and leggings. Why would she want to go back on-screen when she doesn’t even like leaving the house? But she needs to save her husband’s job. After all, it is her fault.  Then, when she’s offered an exclusive interview on the other side of the world, her life in Cherry Blossom Park is under threat. Why is she the only person to ever be offered this interview?  Dan must never know the truth.  

The Juggle is more than just a story about parents keeping everything in the air. It’s about secrets from the past and hopes for the future.

It asks the question – is a marriage every big enough for two dreams to come true?  

Women’s fiction
Standalone book #2 of a series
Publication date: 09/21

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Cover: Whimsical! I like it.

What a peculiar book! The Juggle is a story of swapped lives, of personal growth, and owning up mistakes. It might look like your clear-cut romcom story, but if you’re willing to dig a little deeper, look a little further, then you’ll see what’s beyond the surface.

Dan and Molly are married and work together. An on air mishap forces them to swap their jobs and their lives for a month, which is easier said than done. Hilarity aside—and there’s plenty of it—I appreciated the concept and the execution. It all has unexpected ramifications, dredging up old issues on both fronts.

What I like the most about The Juggle isthe character growth. Molly’s interesting, but Dan’s resonates with me a bit more. He did something wrong in the past, he does something wrong right now (twice!), but he owns it up, bettering himself in the process.

The structure is particular, yet interesting. It follows the two MCs, Molly and Dan, on two different timelines, with interludes from the POV of a minor character. As odd as it might sound, it’s maybe the stronger point of The Juggle. It’s easy to follow along, and it enhances Molly and Dan’s behavior, past and present.

The cast of supporting characters is varied and each of them has a distinctive voice, smoothing the plot over. That and a nice writing style, one that doesn’t take itself too seriously, provide two more reasons to read this book. 

Good job.  


Ellie Barker is a television reporter and presenter. The Juggle is her second book. You can find out more about Ellie at https://www.elliebarkerwrites.com/ 

Social Media Links  

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/elliebarkerwrites/  

Twitter https://twitter.com/elliebarkerwri1

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