At Home in the Wine Country: Architecture Design in the California Vineyards – H. S. Hebert, C. R. Ewald

To me, photography and interior design books are the equivalent of a palate cleanser. They provide me with an interesting break without providing an actual break; you see, I need books to survive like I need food, but food is way less entertaining.

My point? Let’s toast to photography and to publishers promoting it. They make my life happier *hat tip to Gibbs Smith, one of my favorite publishers out there*


Showcasing 17 stunning residences in California wine country designed by top architects and designers.

Through compelling narrative and stunning photography, authors Heather Hebert and Chase Ewald feature the architecture, style, and design of 17 homes—plus 4 unique auxiliary structures—in California’s picturesque wine country. At Home in the Wine Country showcases the work of many of California’s top architects and designers, with styles ranging from modern farmhouse to refined rustic to updated agrarian to unapologetically modern. This virtual tour documents a native, terroir-derived style that has evolved dramatically since the days when the region looked to European chateaux for inspiration. These ranges of styles—as well the varied approaches to managing environmental factors—is broad and captivating and pays homage to wine-country living in an atmosphere of understated, family-focused hospitality.

The California wine country is a region without distinct edges. In recent decades, this region has come to be defined by its lifestyle just as much as its wines. It has developed its own ethos, one whose contemporary expression is creative, sustainably minded, art-filled, and bathed in light. It has a youthful attitude and a decided sense of fun. Central to this distinct way of life is the indoor-outdoor experience; today’s homes seamlessly integrate the region’s sublime scenery and climate with its cuisine and lifestyle. At Home in the Wine Country pays homage to a region that is ever innovating, adapting, and evolving and showcases the best of design and lifestyle in California’s iconic landscapes.

240 pages
Interior design, photography
Gibbs Smith


Cover: Well, it’s awesome. There’s nature mixed with architectural elements, and the perspective creates a beautiful ensemble.


  • At Home in the Wine Country is a stylish, well-curated book featuring Californian homes. They’re all high-end, with enough space to showcase and highlight various pieces of furniture. Different architects are behind each project, and I had fun studying their style. Some elements—pools—are always present, while others are there to make a statement, like the dormers on the Bird House roof.    
  • Stunning photography, great interior/exterior design examples. While I wouldn’t be able to live in such places, they’re so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Whether you prefer a modern approach or a more conservative one, you’re in for a treat – and I noticed a few details I could recreate in my own place.
  • The narrative parts are engaging, as they feature the owners’ experience with their future houses. All this got me thinking—elements I’d add, elements I wouldn’t. Those curtainless windows and pools would be a nope, but a huge couch in front of a fireplace, a porch swing? Wow, yes.
  • The originality of the theme needs to be mentioned too. A bit niche, maybe, but a feast for those who love interior design.

Special mention:

  • Woodland Farmhouse
  • Rustic Estate 
  • Nestled in Nature
  • Refined Farmhouse (all that white, though)
  • Historic Meets Modern. There’s a porch swing! Owning one is my childhood dream – unfulfilled so far.
  • Sava River, Croatia.
  • Forest Aerie
  • Zinfandel Barn


  • It all feels a little repetitive after a while. I saw great places, but I would have loved a bit more variety. 


4 stars on GR.

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