#Book Tour – Colouring Outside The Lines; A. Paull

Book tour stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for Colouring Outside the Lines, a romantic comedy written by Amanda Paull.

First thing first, let me thank Rachel and the author, Amanda Paull, for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


Meet Katie: she’s about to marry the most wonderful man in the world. The planning is done, the checklist is checked. The future is set.

Having spent her twenties and thirties enjoying life with good friends, and building a career she loves, it’s taken Katie until her forties to contemplate settling down. And she couldn’t be more delighted she waited.

So, why is her perfect groom standing gawping at her, wearing mismatched socks and sweating buckets? This can’t bode well.

With her special day in tatters, Katie has a decision to make. Does she snatch back the reigns of her old life, and tighten her grip even more? Or should she take a chance on change? Will she find the key to happiness at a Pilates class in a smelly old hall? Or is the curve ball heading her way too huge to handle?

If you like British humour and a flawed protagonist on an emotional journey, you’ll enjoy reading Amanda Paull’s latest novel, Colouring Outside the Lines – a heart-warming tale of shattered dreams, self-discovery and finding true love where you least expect it.

300 pages
Contemporary romance
Publication day: 31/07/21

Purchase link 


Cover: Intriguing! There’s a little detail in it that prompted me to join this tour. Curiosity killed the cat, they say, but sometimes the cat leaves unscated and satisfied. 

If you ever read any review of mine, you’d know that I’m a direct person and mincing words is not my forte. When I started reading Colouring Outside the Lines, my first reaction was ‘oh!’ (a jilted bride) and then ‘uh?’ (what is Katie seeing in him?). I was puzzled, then intrigued, then puzzled some more.

There’s something about Katie, you see. Her life is both messy and super organized, a dichotomy that pushed my reading boundaries–always a good thing–and intrigued me. The secondary characters, even the ones who mean well, add to the stress piling on Katie’s shoulders, and they have the tendency to cause some, uh, misunderstandings along the way. While it’s awkward for her, it’s either funny or touching for the readers.

As for Katie’s love life, well. You’ll have to find out for yourself if Connor is the right person for her. All I have to say is that I suspected a plot twist was coming my way, and I wasn’t disappointed. Yay!

A few imperfections aside, Colouring Outside the Lines reads as a fun, pleasant tale told with clarity and a sprinkle of British humor. Thumbs up!


Amanda Paull grew up in the North East of England and couldn’t wait to move away. However, after studying and then living both in England and abroad, she returned to the North East and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else now.

After a short career in teaching, she retrained as a nurse. She recently retired from her post as a Sleep Nurse Specialist and now spends her time writing Women’s Fiction novels and Romantic Comedy short stories. 

Social Media Links:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Apaullfiction/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Apaullfiction
Website – https://www.amandapaull.co.uk

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