#Book Tour – Invite Me In; Emma Curtis

Book tour stop! Today I’m delighted to be the host for Invite Me In, a psychological thriller written by Emma Curtis.

First thing first, let me thank Anne and the publisher, Random House UK, Transworld Publishers, for providing me with an e-copy of this book. Much obliged *hat tip* 


Invite Me In

To those who think they know her, Eliza Curran has it all: two healthy children, a stunning home and a wealthy, adoring husband. No one would guess the reality of her life: trapped in an unhappy marriage to a controlling man, she longs for a way out.

When she takes on a new tenant, her life changes unexpectedly. Dan Jones is charming and perceptive, and quickly becomes a close friend to the whole family.

But Dan’s arrival threatens to tip Eliza’s fragile world out of balance. And when someone has as many secrets as Eliza does, the smallest slip could destroy everything . . .

Psychological thriller
Publication day: 02/09/21
Random House UK, Transworld Publishers

Purchase link 


Cover: Intriguing. It caught my attention right away, like good covers ought to do. 

Every once in a while, I like to read a good thriller. It’s one of those genres I cherry-pick my way through, because of detective overabundance (yawn tbh) and the narrative structure that often reads the same.

This doesn’t happen with Invite Me In. The detective element is present, but on the side. Who we’re following is the MC, Eliza, and the slow destruction of her entire life. It’s like watching dominoes fall, the inevitability present in every page: whether you’re rooting for her as I did or not, the outcome won’t change, but maybe, after all is said and done, Eliza is going to be in a better place.

To be quite honest, her starting point doesn’t look that good anyway, at least to me. Dan’s appearance is the catalyst, true, and long overdue.

Character-wise, I appreciate Eliza’s growth. From point A to point B, she matures, shedding layers of naivety along the way. Sometimes her actions seem a little too impulsive, sometimes I just don’t agree with her, but she kept me glued to the pages regardless, a testimony of Curtis’ talent. I have to tip my hat in her direction, because wow. This is how you write a good thriller.

Curtis’ prose is engaging and clean, it flows without a hitch. As I already mentioned in my previous reviews, only a skilled writer can pull off a first person POV that doesn’t trip over I+action; Curtis is that writer.




Emma Curtis was born in Brighton and now lives in London with her husband. After raising two children and working various jobs, her fascination with the darker side of
domestic life inspired her to write her acclaimed psychological suspense thrillers One
Little Mistake, When I Find You, The Night You Left and Keep Her Quiet.

Find her on Twitter: @emmacurtisbooks.

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