Wild Spaces and Unique Places: Celebrating the Natural Wonders of Utah – R. Jeffery

So, I’ve been looking for that elusive no frills, all pictures book for quite some time. I rely a lot on the visual aspect of things, from learning to activities I do for leisure, like reading or pointing my camera eye to peculiar architectural details. To be fair, I’m being more successful with the former than the latter; it doesn’t really matter though, because I’m after the aesthetic. 

In Wild Spaces and Unique Places, the rough aesthetic of nature triumphs.


Bask in the abounding beauty of Utah’s wild spaces and wildlife with this breathtaking collection of photographs and quotes by Utah writers such as Terry Tempest Williams, Edward Abbey, and Everett Ruess.

With its sweeping valleys and towering mountains, its inviting summers and glittering snowscapes, its hiking trails and world-renowned ski slopes, Utah’s soaring heights are, indeed, where life is elevated. Explore these wild spaces through the dramatic and captivating photography of Ryan Jeffery, which captures Utah’s beloved wildness—the wildlife, the national parks, the desert vistas, and the mountains, all beautifully arrayed in splendor. Quotes from Utah authors such as Terry Tempest Williams, Edward Abbey, and Everett Ruess are spread throughout the scenes. Each page whisks you away to spaces like no other—where open skies kiss the silhouette of the landscape that rises to meet it.

192 pages
Travel, photography
Gibbs Smith


Cover: Wow. It’s a great anticipation of what’s to come.


  • Ryan Jeffery, the author of Wild Spaces and Unique Places, picked Utah right from my brain. Have I ever been there? Nope. Is it irrelevant anyway? Yes. Devouring travel books gives me an abstract idea of how this country, that town, is like. Said idea gets corrected and adjusted every time a new book pops up, letting me add details to the main image. Jeffery slides the last piece of the puzzle back home here, showing me Utah. The real thing, with no frills, just as I said. Thank you.
  • Of course, the pictures are top quality, just as I expected them to be. I’m sorry I only have a Kindle, because I’m sure the printed version is even better. Crisp, interesting shots with a soul. Animals and plants are featured in the book, too, something that really gives it a finished look.
  • The writing part is kept to a minimum, letting the pictures speak. What’s there is relevant though – and I’m saying this as someone who isn’t that impressed by inspiring quotes.

Special mention*:

  • Escalante. I love the blooming cactus.
  • Capitol Reef.
  • Canyonlands.
  • Paria and Coyote Buttes, Arizona.
  • Northern Utah.

*I can’t point out any single picture.


  • It’s short! 192 pages don’t do it justice, haha.

5 stars, well-earned.

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