Blindly in Love – Kelanie Black

So, let me preface this by saying that I’m not up to date with erotica. I used to read it back in the day, and even then I gravitated more towards M/M rather than F/M. I don’t really remember why I stopped picking it up to be honest–my literary tastes are eclectic, mixed with a good dose of ‘ohhh, shiny!’–but I’m not averse to it. Just rusty, haha.

That’s why I agreed to read Blindly in Love, written by Kelanie Black. She’s been kind enough to contact me and provide me with a copy – thank you!


Blind from birth, Dante is his own worst enemy.
Adrift in life, Cassidi is looking for more.
Both of them are looking for happiness in all the wrong places..
. until they meet at The Red Lair. Sparks fly and inner darkness will come to light as these two learn who they are to each other, and to themselves.

93 pages
Erotica, BDSM


Cover: Pretty good and straight to the point. Thumbs up!


  • BIL follows the adventures of a dom, Dante, and his sub, Cassidi. They meet at a BDSM club, sparks fly, and then the sexily ever after doesn’t happen. Ops? Erotica is pretty straightforward, but there’s character growth in here, something I always like to see in a book.
  • Dante is blind, but he doesn’t let his disability define him. This is a refreshing take on the matter, even more so because he’s not your token character or one just sitting on the sidelines. He’s one of the MCs, he’s the first POV we encounter as we open the book. 
  • Again, I want to mention the character growth, because it’s not something to be taken for granted. It’s difficult to bring someone from point A to point B in an organic way, so kudos to Kelanie for it!


  • Unfortunately, I have some problems with the characterization of the main characters. They’re inconsistent (Dante for the most part) and they don’t really sound like they fit the part. A dom who doesn’t negotiate before starting a scene (a safeword is the bare minimum) or doesn’t show respect to subs when said scene is over leaves me blinking. A sub who goes to a BDSM club expecting to find love and not (just) what it says on the tin puzzles me. There’s character growth, sure, and I appreciate it, but the inconsistencies are too big to be ignored.
  • The chapters are too short. One page and a half doesn’t let me get into the character’s headspace; maybe a single POV would have suited BIL better.
  • I can suspend my disbelief if I need to, sure, but some things are beyond the line. Say what you want, but I’m finding it hard to believe that a grown up man would discuss his sexual life with his own grandmother. 

2.5 stars on GR, rounded up to 3 as an encouragement.

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