prettycitynewyork: Discovering New York’s Beautiful Places – Siobhan Ferguson

PrettycityNewYork lives up to its name. It’s a very pretty book dedicated to a very pretty city, and Siobhan Ferguson’s enthusiasm shines through the pages. It’s contagious to the point that by page 100 I went and I asked a local friend if NY looked so good in RL or what, because if that was the case, well. I’ve been missing out all my life and I don’t like it, haha.

Thank God travel books exist 🙂


New York City is known for many things: its urban, high-rise landscape, the bustling atmosphere, and busy business and tourist spots. Pretty tree-lined avenues, cute shops, and serene getaways do not immediately come to mind for this cosmopolitan city, but they are there. Acclaimed Instagrammer Siobhan Ferguson, author of prettycitylondon, now turns her discerning eye to the Big Apple itself. Travel along with her as she uncovers the hidden gems—the sweet, secluded alleys, the fantastic markets, the artisan boutiques—that New York has to offer, and reveals the beautiful, the quaint, and the downright pretty scattered among the urban landscape of the world’s most famous city. Stunning photographs alongside fantastic tips to take your own pictures and create a prettycitynewyork experience for yourself make this the perfect book for visitors on foot and armchair travelers alike.

256 pages
The History Press


Cover: I love it! Awesome choice, the difference between the two buildings is striking.


  • As promised by the title, we’re about to explore New York, but! Forget museums, forget monuments and a Lady Liberty tour. Siobhan takes us on an aesthetic trip, featuring storefronts, boutiques, hidden but glamorous corners. It’s a feast for the eyes, paired with interesting info and practical tips. I’ll admit my main reason to ask for PCNY on Edelweiss had to do with pictures, but the written part won me over while reading.
  • Photography, I’ve just mentioned that in my previous Yay!, and wow, photography indeed. I know they’re edited and filters can work wonders, but they all hold that shabby, vintage feel I love and crave for. There isn’t a single meh picture in PCNY, just vibrancy and crispness.
  • While I love submerging myself into the practical aspects of a travel book–it feels more realistic, don’t judge–style is important, too. Siobhan’s is funny and modern, a feature that’s not to be taken for granted.
  • The technical details, how to take a good picture when your only equipment is a phone and you’re half-clueless anyway, all the recs and advice? I appreciated them so much. 

Special mention:

  • The pink phone booth, filled with flowers.
  • The huge tree with pink blossoms, standing in front of two front doors.
  • Upper East Side & Central Park, two snapshots of the same bridge. One has been taken during fall, the other in winter. 
  • A fake suspended table at a cafe.
  • Ivy covering the façade of a building. I’d pay a small fortune to live there.


  • Repetitiveness can become an issue after a while. I would have tightened it up, description-wise.


4 stars on GR. I know PCNY is part of a series, I’ll have to hunt down the other books!

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