Celebrating Cape Cod & the Islands: Traditions, Festivals, and Food – K. Kleekamp

Ready for more Armchair Traveling with Tissie? My quest for cool places around the world brought me to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Kathryn Kleekamp, the author of Celebrating Cape Cod and the Islands: Traditions, Festivals, and Food is ready to take the readers by the hand and bring them along a year-long tour.

Plenty of festivals, local tales, and recipes!  😀


With its rich history and outdoorsy traditions, the Cape Cod region is awash in lively, year-round festivals celebrating everything from agriculture to the arts. This entertaining insider’s look at more than three dozen rousing festivals takes readers on a year-round tour of the area’s food, culture, and cuisine. Over 150 color photographs and accompanying text provide an intimate view of fun events focused on film, food and wine, daffodils and hydrangeas, road and sailing races, and more. Included are dozens of authentic festival-related recipes from local chefs and restaurants for the home cook to try, making this book an inspiring reference for residents and frequent visitors.

160 pages
Schiffer Publishing


Cover: I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit underwhelmed. Maybe picking just one picture would have been a better idea.


  • CCC is all about celebrating Cape Cod, and Kathryn’s enthusiasm about it is contagious. She mapped out the main social gatherings, and the leading theme is ‘get together, have a good time’. There’s something for everyone, from art to food to movies; I caught myself sighing in longing over a couple of them too, and I’m not that fond of festivals to begin with.
  • I appreciate the year-long organization, starting with the Daffodils Festival held in Nantucket and ending with the Christmas and New Year celebrations in Provincetown. Very handy for locals and tourists!
  • Other than festivities centered on windmills (windmills!), turnips, and hydrangeas, the book features elements of native cultures. I’ll admit I know very little about them, being from the other side of the pond, so I’m grateful to have had the chance to learn a bit more through pictures and descriptions. 
  • There are recipes too! I’m still a lousy cook, so I can’t offer any input about them; a couple look delicious tho, and I would love to try them out. If, you know, someone else did the actual cooking part.

Special mentions:

  • Daffodil Festival. I also learned about the existence of the American Daffodil Society!
  • Eastham Windmill Weekend. Windmills!
  • Cahoon Museum Brush Off Art Auction and Festival. Because, art.


  • Ignoring the atrocious e-book formatting, I was expecting something more re: pictures. A travel book needs good, crisp photos to show tourists and armchair travelers what’s what. Make me see the big picture and the details, bring me there with you.


3 stars on GR. I’m sorry I can’t give more just because of the pictures, but it’s something that can be fixed with ease. I’ll check the next book Kathryn writes for sure!

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