London’s Museums and Galleries – Eleanor Ross

Now that I’ve had the chance to pick a travel book from Netgalley – a travel book centered on museums and galleries – I’m going to tell you a secret. Do I appreciate art in each and every form? Yes. Am I very partial to fine art anyway? Yes. XD

That is, if I’m left to my own devices. London’s Museums and Galleries: Exploring the Best of the City’s Art and Culture, written by Eleanor Ross, rose to the challenge and offered me a glimpse into modern and contemporary, too.

Thank you, Eleanor! After finishing your book, I have to say I can see the appeal.


A curated guide to the best of London’s museums and galleries.

From the obscure to the resplendent, Eleanor Ross acquaints you with the very best museums and galleries the city has to offer. Including world-famous art to quirky collections, London is host to a vast assortment of enlightening spaces just waiting to be explored.  

Travel book
176 pages
Quarto Publishing Group – White Lion


Cover: Sleek is the first word that comes to mind.


  • As the title suggests, LMG is a travel guide featuring London-based museums and art galleries. If you’re expecting a boring directory of places to check out, maybe clumped together in the central part of the town, think again.  This book offers a comprehensive list of what to visit when you’re donning your tourist hat, from big museums like the British to more secluded places like The Viktor Wynd or Deptford. Divided in sections – that’s handy! – and with a map at the end, it covers the whole city.
  • Nice photographs, with informative and interesting blurbs to go with them. Each description has a pop vibe that stands out, and art tidbits are paired with practical info, such as websites or entry fees. On a personal note, I feel so attacked by the fact that many museums offer free admission. And by ‘attacked’, I mean ‘green with envy’
  • Even the buildings themselves are showcased, which is a refreshing take. I like Brutalism and carpeted staircases, I like marble columns and contemporary lighting fixtures. Architecture (and interior design!) is art, too, and I appreciate it when it’s pointed out.

Special mention:

  • Garden Museum. It’s about the history of gardening!
  • HMS Belfast. It’s a ship moored on the center of the Thames.
  • Royal Observatory. It’s located in Greenwich, you can see a depiction of the Prime Meridian.
  • Wimbledon Windmill Museum. Self-explanatory, the windmill is really cute.
  • Design Museum. How I wish I could be there ❤
  • Estorick Collection of Modern Art. The Modigliani!
  • The Cello Factory. No, really, cellos.
  • Museum of the Home. It’s about the change and evolution of the concept of home.


  • Some pictures are captioned, some aren’t, and that didn’t impress me much. I want to know the names of paintings or exhibitions, aw 😀


4 stars on GR. Well done, Eleanor!

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