Weather – Robert Ford


…this is it. This is the review. Weather = heart emoji, and you gotta trust me on this. Go and pick it up right now if you’ve ever been interested in 1) photography and 2) climate – you can thank me later.

Ahem. I mean. 

By now you should know that interesting pictures are an essential staple in my life. Fundamental. I’ve been following amateur and pro blogs for ages, admiring that flower bursting through concrete, shop signs, the curve of a balcony, aspen trees adorned with snow.  Good photography might be subjective, but it always makes an impression. It leaves you with something you didn’t have before.

Have a look.

Cover: A lighthouse plus stormy sea, what a great, great choice. It’s eye catching and it lures you right in. Plus, hey, a lighthouse! (yes, it bears repeating)


  • Weather is the second book I’m reviewing for Amber Books, and I’m noticing a trend here: powerful pictures selected with care and paired with bite-sized, relevant information. It’s a format I appreciate, because it avoids infodumping on the reader – I’m a big fan of minimalism, you know. Teach me things without overwhelming me, just like Robert is doing here.
  •  The leading theme is self-explanatory: we have five different sections, ranging from Rain & Lightning to Heat to Fog & Clouds. Each of them develops in an organic way, featuring pictures from around the world. Atmospheric events are detailed and well-researched, offering clear insights of how they develop and where. Did you know that lenticular clouds can be dangerous if you fly too close to them? Or how ground frost is formed? That star dunes receive 5 million years old sand from every direction? 😀
  • All the photos are perfect. There are a couple I don’t like, yes, but they’re still impressive, crisp and packing a punch. 

Special mention:

  • Thunderstorm, Colorado, USA. The hues of the sky are lovely.
  • Church of St. Thomas, Slovenia. What a picturesque little church, standing on top of a hill, the fog giving it an ethereal vibe.
  • Michigan, USA. There’s a tree emerging from the fog, the sky almost lilac.
  • Ground frost, Hertford, England. Straight out of a fairytale.
  • Ice sculptures, Yorkshire, England. I thought they were real sculptures, done on purpose! They’re fog frozen on a fence instead, art in its sublime form.
  • Snow rollers, Montana and Ohio, USA. Wow! More nature art!
  • Joshua tree, California, USA. Unique and so beautiful.
  • Aral Sea, Kazakhstan. A ship stranded on the former Aral Sea, this is a place that always fascinated me.
  • Tropical cyclone, Hong Kong. The benches facing the storm, stillness among chaos.
  • Supercell storm, Queensland, Australia and Oklahoma, USA. Once again, I love the hues of the sky.


  • Uh, there are none. This book is impeccable. 


5 stars on GR, I’m sad I can’t give it a cum laude and an academic kiss to boot. Amber Books, Robert Ford? I’m eagerly awaiting your next collab! Go and make me happy 😀

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