Backroads Buildings – S. Gross & S. Daley

You have no idea how happy I was when Backroads Buildings popped up on my Edelweiss radar. I may or may not have emitted pterodactyl noises too, because abandoned buildings and I? We go way back.

In, ah, the early ‘00 or so I followed that Lj account called ‘abandoned buildings’ (yes, yes, through the roof creativity): it featured pictures of people trespassing touring old houses, buildings, carnivals, whathaveyou, and to me it was a little slice of heaven. 

I’ve got weird hobbies, I know. 

Nowadays Lj is as derelict as those places used to be and I have to get my fill elsewhere.

Enter BB.

Cover: nice! I like the black/white choice, it fits the theme.


  • The concept behind BB is awesome. Exploring abandoned places, documenting their history, the state of disrepair they’re in while trying to capture a glimpse of their old splendor? It pushes all my buttons. In a good way. 
  • It’s an immersive experience. I’m from the other side of the pond and I live in a bigass city, you know? Small town details, wooden structures, they don’t belong to my daily life. Same for that Americana feeling transpiring from every page. Vicarious traveling FTW.
  • Some pictures are black and white, some have vintage filters on (this is me handwaving technical terms like a pro), and that’s a very good choice, visually speaking.

Special mention:

  • White’s Tire Shop, North Carolina – it has a big tire as shop sign!
  • Windmill-topped pump house, New York – because of the windmill, of course.
  • Gas pump and tractor repair, Virginia.
  • Shingle-clad, double-wing house, New York – painted in red and blue, it’s adorable.
  • Railroad supply store, Alabama.
  • Tinker’s shack, Virginia.


  • The pictures are small. This is a photography book, so I’d expect huge, well-detailed pictures, details, different angles.


4 stars on GR. I want to see more! 😀

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