Plot Twist – Bethany Turner

Spring is coming, and every year it brings with her some fun things like seasonal drowsiness and allergies. Nevertheless, it is my favorite season: the weather is just perfect, and I’m super hyped about going out and doing things. I’ve been feeling quite off lately though, and in need for some distraction that the book I was reading didn’t provide. So I decided to do the sensible thing and move to a romance novel instead. The next book in my TBR pile was Plot Twist, by Bethany Turner.

February 4, 2003, promises to be a typical day for Olivia Ross—a greeting card writer whose passion project is a screenplay of her own. But after she and a handsome actor have a magical meet-cute in a coffee shop, they make a spontaneous pact: in ten years, after they’ve found the success they’re just sure they’re going to achieve, they’ll return to the coffeehouse to partner up and make a film together. The only problem? Olivia neglected to get the stranger’s name. But she doesn’t forget his face—or the date.

From that point on, the reader is taken through a ten years long journey made of hopes, broken dreams and missed opportunities. And coincidences, lots of coincidences happening on the same day, the 4th of February.

Throughout each February 4th chapter, Olivia struggles with the longest writer’s block I’ve ever read about. Sure, ten years are a lot, and I’ve read some reviews on Goodreads complaining about this, but let’s be fair: she only spends a year actually writing, the rest of it is pure procrastination. Only when she is ready to deal with her feelings she is finally able to write it, cue the happy ending in the script she writes.

For the most part of her journey she is accompanied by her best friend and roommate, Fiona. Let me point out how much I love their friendship and how their bond is able to resist the adversities they go through. Everyone should have a carefree and encouraging friend like Fiona in their life! You can sense how much they care for each other even when things get dire between them.

Another reason why I love this book is that it talks about screenwriting and Los Angeles. Both are obsessions of mine, to the point that I’ve dreamed of leaving everything behind to pursue a career there more than once. Since I’m not going to do that, not in this life anyway, I’m glad for anything that lets me live the dream vicariously.

And let me dream a bit about Liam here. He is sweet, caring, adorable, loyal. And he has a big heart. Perfect guy? Heck yes. I love how Bethany Turner wrote him, and how skilled she is at writing adorable characters in general. Her style is clean and simple and the pacing of this story is so amazing that it only took me four hours to read the whole book.

On with the cons. I have two, and both are overshadowed by the perfect ending, but I’m pointing them out anyway.

First, I’m not sure of Caleb’s purpose aside from encouraging Olivia to show up at the coffee shop for the ten years anniversary. By now you probably know how I feel about new characters introduced around the end of a story, and, since there already were several important ones, I wish one of them could have had his lines. I can’t help but feel Olivia’s brother would have been a great choice because of the relationship they have.

The next one is the revelation of who the mystery guy really is. His invisible presence in Olivia’s life feels too coincidental to me and I’m not sure I appreciated it. That said, Plot Twist was a great read. It was moving, it made me dream, and it lifted my mood for sure. My rating is 4.5/5 stars.

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