Lighthouses – David Ross

I’m boring myself out with the OMG THIS BOOK!!11 opening line, I know, but this is my blog, my review, and my opinion, so you’ll just have to deal.




I do have some unhealthy fascination with lighthouses, yes. To me, they represent the quintessence of heaven: peace, solitude, and endurance wrapped in a colorful building. While they’re connected to the land – and sometimes the piers are just as stunning as the lighthouses themselves, you’ll see – they stand alone for the most part. 

… I really don’t subscribe to that social animal theory y’all keep peddling, sorry. 😛

Anyway, digressions aside, I saw Lighthouses by David Ross on Netgalley and I had to request it. Had to. 


It’s a photography book. I mean, I’d consider it a personal insult if the cover was ugly-looking, eh. Look at how majestic it is.


  • While I can’t make head nor tail of a camera, I have an eye for pictures – screw false modesty, I do – and L is a work of art. Every shot has been taken with great care, mindful of details and composition. The coloring is perfect, and even if I have a Kindle copy, I can tell that there are no grainy or subpar pictures. Just glossy, shiny perfection. 
  • Each lighthouse is paired with a detailed caption. Did you know that many are made of cast-iron? Or that a whole bunch has been decommissioned at first and then put back to work? Some are museums, some are quite short-ish, some have a square shape, and one resembles a windmill. There’s even a tilting one! (And a Jeju horse)
  • Lighthouses also introduced me with the concept of lighthouses demolition. It took me a moment to process this info, and a couple hours to pen an essay titled ‘Why would you demolish such a magnificent building, you uncultured swines?”
  • The book is divided in sections and it features lighthouses from the entire globe. Extra kudos for the organization, David.
  • There are too many good pictures, I don’t know what to do with them. I’m listing a few that really stand out, but every single shot is worth mentioning here.

Special mention

  • White Shoal Lighthouse, Lake Michigan, USA, with its pretty red spiral band.
  • East Pier Light, Flanders, Belgium. The old jetties steal the spotlight here, and I love the trestle pier. I wish I could frame this picture, it’s so beautiful.
  • Dyna Lighthouse, Oslofjord, Norway. A wooden lighthouse doubling as a restaurant, so cute.
  • Utk Lighthouse, Ijsselmeer, Netherlands. Such a perfect shot, the lighthouse and the wet cobblestone street. Another picture that deserves to be framed.
  • Verdens Ende, Vestfold, Norway. This is a replica of an ancient tipping light, unique.
  • Tynemouth Pier Lighthouse, England. Lovely deep grey/white paint job.
  • Whiteford Lighthouse, Wales. I have this one hanging on my wall! So decadent, I love it.
  • Castlepoint Lighthouse, New Zealand. Black clouds, the sun peeking through, a white lighthouse. What a cool shot.
  • Every interior picture. I can’t pick one, the symmetry keeps appealing to my aestethical side.


  • I have an e-Book copy and sometimes matching pictures with descriptions is not an immediate feat. OTOH, I’m pretty sure the printed copy doesn’t pose such problems and oh, how I’d love to own one and be able to check that myself *cough*


Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not have been done before (cit.)

5 on GR, 10/10 here. Hey, David, do you plan to do more?

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