Reread Book Tag

As general rule, I don’t reread books. I have this mental shelf, every story has its own place, its own label and synopsys, and that’s pretty much it. Maybe I’d grab an old one if I needed a direct quote, or if New Book X was part of a series and the last installment dropped, uh, 84 years ago or something.

(Martin, Sir, I’m looking at you)

But! Rules, exceptions, etc. I saw this book tag at Frappes and Fiction and it got me thinking. What wouldn’t I mind picking up again, given the chance?


A childhood favorite you could read 100 times and still love

The Night of Wishes, Michael Ende

Awesome, awesome tale. I remember I used to sit on the couch on New Year’s Eve and try to pace myself: one chapter per hour, following the clock and the progresses of Grog.

A book you DNF’d but would be willing to give a second chance to

Dune, Frank Herbert

I can’t really say why I DNF Dune. It has all the right elements, pure sci-fi with a creepy undertone, and yet it just sat there, collecting dust. Maybe I should try to tackle it once again.

A newer favorite you would reread

11/22/93, Stephen King

While I have some issues with SK, he is (and will always be) one of my favorite authors. 11/22/63 asked me to suspend my disbelief – the portal! In the diner! ILY Stephen XD – but delivered one hell of a story. *chef kiss*

A book you hated and never want to read again

The Virgin Suicides, Jeffrey Eugenides

It’s not that I hated it, per se. I just found it boring. The sisters are puzzling, the parents are evanescent, and it left me with an ‘and?’ aftertaste. What’s the hidden message in there? I still don’t know. It’s tagged as YA and Coming of age, not really my genre; trouble is, I read it when I was young. Target audience. Meh.

A classic you read in school but want to try again

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

I’d like to read it again, I think, because it was hysterical. Back then I took it seriously – classic, demure girls, Mr. Darcy – but the more I think about it, the more I realize that my approach was wrong. It’s crack. In an evening gown et al, but crack.

An author you would reread anything from

Bow to the King

A series you want to reread for the fun of it

The Belgariad, David & Leigh Eddings

There are 12 books in this series, and I moved heaven and hell to find them all – 11 were hardbacks. 1 was paperback. See my issue? *eyetwitch* – because Belgarath Deserved It. I didn’t much care for Garion (yawn), while I cared a lot about Belgarath and Polgara. Speaking of, I’m not really sure I remember Polgara the Sorceress? Time to make an exception to the rule, haha.

A series you want to reread for an adaption

Elric of Melniboné, Michael Moorcock

I don’t really know why I liked Elric so much. He’s too whiny for my tastes, and Yrkoon is Asshole in Chief; still, this tale fascinated me and I rushed to buy the whole saga after I was done with the first book. A TV series would be amazing.

A book you’ve read but want to listen to the audiobook

All the books. I’m not joking, not even a little bit. See, I have to drive every day for about an hour, and it just occurred to me that I could spend all that time listening to books! Good books are good friends, like someone very dear to me would say, and rather than switching on the radio, I could switch on the audio and yeah, oh my god. Let’s go!

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