Playlist: Some Girls Bite

And some others listen to music.

Let’s be honest here: don’t you ever think books should come with their own OST, just like movies? I can’t help but imagine how cool a lot of scenes would be with some background music.

Is it just me?


Awesome, now we’re on the same page.

While I was (and still am) working on my review of Some Girls Bite, by Chloe Neill, I’ve collected some of the songs that came to my mind in regards to a particular scene or moment, and I’ve decided to share it with you guys.

Let me know if you like it, or if your picks fit the book better. I’m always looking forward to discovering new music.



6 thoughts on “Playlist: Some Girls Bite

  1. I have DEFINITELY wished for BGM for books and have contemplated creating one for my book, but it seems like so much responsibility 😂 I don’t want to mess up the experience or distract from the words too much lol
    So maybe I’d offer multiples suggestions per chapter, and try to pick as unobtrusive of music as possible…?
    Tbh I haven’t read the book in this post but I like your playlist so maybe I’ll tbr it ☺️


    1. I’m going to publish a review for this book in a couple of days. It was a nice read, but basically an average book on vampires. On an unrelated topic, I’m in love with the concept of your book –and the video! OMG, I love book trailers–!

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      1. Just came back from reading through your review! I super appreciate the detail and honesty going on in your reviews, and the sense that you put across your opinions but also give credit where credit is due. I feel like I can make an educated decision on whether to read the book now, instead of only being influenced by your very intriguing playlist above 😂
        I can already tell you’re one of those book reviewers that I enjoy reading the reviews just as much as reading the books. In short, I’m subscribing! ♡

        On said unrelated topic, omg thank you so much for taking a look at my book!! 🤩🤩
        I put a lot of heart into the book, and I’ve really enjoyed creating a variety of media for it! I designed the cover myself, edited the book trailer, launched a site for Vortex, created an instagram for Kit, etc. etc. etc. I’m an obsessive book parent basically; hence your playlist post drew me in because, of course, I can’t resist the idea of a playlist for my book/I’m even having crazy thoughts about recording music for my characters… Someone please stop me! 😂
        Anyhow, thank you SO MUCH for checking out my book and its trailer~~♡


      2. Aww, thank you so much, your comment made my day! I try my best to remember all the hard work authors put into creating their stories, especially when I don’t agree with their choices. It is easy to forget the person behind the words, but all those restless hours spent typing deserve a lot of respect and a little kindness.

        It’s easy to see how much you worked on your project, everything looks super pretty and incredibly polished. I’ve just bought your book though and I’m going to read it as soon as I (start and) finish reading another one –I’m working on not failing my Goodreads challenge–, so I wish I knew more about K-pop to make a fitting playlist for you, but BTS and Blackpink aside my knowledge is close to zero. We’ll see 🙂


  2. That is exactly all the consideration a writer can hope for in a reviewer! In all forms of art−poems, books, paintings, songs−a creator is baring something, revealing something, making themselves vulnerable in some way, and it’s definitely easier for any consumer of said creation to seize on that vulnerability and belittle what is exposed. To truly engage with it on any deeper level, to search for the creator’s intent, or even just to acknowledge the effort put in regardless of one’s own taste or preferences, I feel like that’s a higher, more difficult road to take.
    And that’s what’s great about your reviews! You add your own flavor and you’re able to take a critical approach while staying respectful. The more of your reviews I read, the more I appreciate your balanced honesty. I’ve read a lot of book review blogs too. I’ve seen a lot of entries elsewhere where you can tell the reviewer was in a rush to churn out any kind of opinion on a book (and I’ve seen some reviews that are truly bruuuutal for almost no reason at all!) Your blog, on the other hand, is more like hearing about books from a smart trustworthy friend, and I lovvve it! I speak for all authors (with no authority to do so, ofc) when I say thank you for remembering every book is someone’s baby!
    (Sorry to rant, I’m just passionate about art 😂)
    … In short, I’m DYING OF EXCITEMENT to hear that you want to give my book a read because oh my goodness, my book is in such good handsss! Like, even if you totally hate it, I know from your other reviews that you’ll be honest and fair and give amazing constructive criticism, so I’m high-key freaking out I’m so excited!
    (Also, idk if you’re posting a review for whatever book you’re reading next, but if you are, I’m excited to hear about it 🤩)

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